Bring Your Kids to Work!

Thursday, April 28th, is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. In 1993, Take Our Daughters To Work program was founded by the Ms. Foundation for Women. Although the day is typically a school day, many students are permitted a day of absence, as most companies plan educational activities for children of an appropriate age. Originally established to inspire girls to consider a career, in 2003 the program expanded to also include boys, so that both boys and girls might explore jobs and avoid stereotypical gender roles.

Bringing your children to work sets a positive example for your kids and also encourages them to become actively interested in your career. Spending a day with you in the office can help illustrate the connection between their efforts in school (at any age) and their future. If your job has events planned, you should encourage your child to participate in those programs to become engaged. One major impact of bringing your children to work is that it will get them to start thinking about their future and inspire them to consider what sorts of jobs they might have in the future. A great way to encourage your kids to start dreaming of adulthood (without having them lose their innocence in childhood!) is to have them take the Dream Calculator Quiz before they come to work with you!

This year, the official organization’s theme for the day is Invent the Future:Invent The Future not only means considering how much life can change in one year and indeed over a lifetime, but also what choices individuals, groups, organizations, and corporations have to make in order to achieve a better world. For girls and boys, Invent The Future is about their potential to produce positive change, since the future is theirs, and it starts right here, right now.”

Some of the Speakaboos team members brought in their little ones last year to celebrate and share their professional space with their families. Although the kids are too young to participate in any educational activities, they sure had fun with the team and the rest of the employees at 212 Media!





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