The Speakaboos Dot Day #WinIsh Contest Results Are In!

International Dot Day 2015 was one for the record books! Over 4 million people in 113 countries celebrated creativity, courage, and community on Dot Day, an event inspired by the classic children’s storybook, “The Dot.”

Peter H. Reynolds' unique autograph for the Speakaboos prize!
Peter H. Reynolds’ unique autograph for the Speakaboos prize!

As part of our own celebration for the day, Speakaboos welcomed “Ish,”author Peter H. Reynolds’ follow-up story to “The Dot,” to its digital storybook library. “Ish” continues the theme of creativity, exploring the importance of not always getting things perfect – sometimes it is okay to be right-ish!

We added to our celebration by hosting a contest on Twitter where we asked people to tweet us three words that inspire their children’s creativity. We received many fantastic responses and were thrilled to add to the #DotDay conversation. The prize? A hardcover copy of “Ish” autographed by Peter H. Reynolds!

Our winner was Sara Magnafichi whose tweet included the words “bravery, mindset, and strength.”* Ms. Magnafichi is a first grade teacher and looks forward to keeping the autographed copy of “Ish” in her classroom in Elk Grove, I.L. where her students can enjoy the story year-round. In addition to participating in the Speakaboos contest, Ms. Magnafichi’s class and entire district were very busy on Dot Day, so busy in fact that their newspaper covered all of their activity which you can read about on their district website!

Thank you, Ms. Magnafichi and your wonderful class for celebrating International Dot Day with us! We hope it inspires a lifelong love of reading!

Mrs. Magnafichi's First Grade class is all smiles with their autographed copy of "Ish" from Speakaboos!
Ms. Magnafichi’s First Grade class is all smiles with their autographed copy of “Ish” from Speakaboos!

Are you interested in reading these stories on Speakaboos? Click here to read “The Dot” and click here to read “Ish.”

Happy Reading!

-The Speakaboos Team

*Contest winner was chosen at random