Halloween: When Stories & Characters Come to Life!

Ah, Halloween season. The air is crisp, the leaves are falling and there is pumpkin-spiced everything. It really is a magical time, isn’t it? As a child there always seems to be a spark of excitement in the air as spooky decorations go up and the biggest question in the schoolyard is “who are you going to ‘be’ for Halloween?”

Get into the spirit with the interactive Halloween Party themed "Find It" story on Speakaboos.
Get into the spirit with the interactive Halloween-themed “Find It” story on Speakaboos.

In addition to the candy, this makes Halloween one of our favorite times of the year at Speakaboos. We love the opportunity kids have to become their favorite characters for a day. Many times, these characters are discovered in or inspired by storybooks. From fairy tale princesses to friendly robots, pirates to dancing ballerinas, stories have the amazing ability to bring characters to life and inspire a child’s imagination. We like to think of Halloween as a time when characters from a myriad of different stories come together once a year in a celebration of imagination, magic and wonder.

This festive holiday is a wonderful way to spark creativity and really explore what interests a child. Discovering these interests in turn can help determine stories that may engage a child, keep their attention, and encourage reading. Is your daughter dressing up as an astronaut? Try engaging her in stories about outer space or rocket ships. Is your son pretending to be a brave knight for the day? Explore classic fairy tales or new stories featuring popular characters like Mike the Knight ®. The opportunities are as endless as a child’s imagination. Much can be learned about a child’s interests based on the costume and character they choose for trick-or-treating. Why not use this as an opportunity to translate those interests into reading motivation?

The classic "Frankenstein" story is a great Halloween read!
The classic “Frankenstein” story is a great Halloween read!

That’s not to say that we don’t also love the traditional characters and stories of the season. Speakaboos – or should we say SpeakaBOOs (sorry, we couldn’t’ help ourselves) features several Halloween-themed stories for kids including the classic storybook “A Very Brave Witch” and a digital storybook retelling of “Frankenstein.” With Halloween top of mind for parents, teachers and kids alike, these stories from are not only a great way to get into the spirit, but to also encourage kids to read! Below is our full list of Halloween-themed stories from Speakaboos:

While we love our Halloween-themed tales, any story is a great chance to find and explore new characters! Who knows, they might even inspire your child’s next Halloween costume. So keep reading everyone and discover new characters through the magic of stories!

Stay tuned for our next blog post featuring an interview with the author of “A Very Brave Witch,” Alison McGhee.

Have a fun, safe and happy Halloween!

-The Speakaboos Team

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