Go Behind the Scenes of Muddy Monsters, Your Next Favorite Speakaboos Story!

For the first time ever, we’re giving an inside look at how a premier Speakaboos storybook comes to life! Over the next several months, the Speakaboos team along with artist and story developer, Jennie Palmer, will be sharing the development process of an upcoming new interactive story, Muddy Monsters!

Dr. Alice Wilder, Chief Content Officer at Speakaboos, and her team were excited about the story concept presented by Jennie who had previously collaborated with Dr. Alice while they were both working on Blue’s Clues. Her proposal for Muddy Monsters included great characters, unique illustration design and a simple way to tell a story that will feature messages about creativity, creative problem solving & positive, sibling relationships (fun fact: the characters are inspired by Jennie’s family – more on this in our next post!).


We invite you to follow along as Muddy Monsters comes to life from concept art to final animated designs and unveiling of the story. Maybe this behind the scenes look at Speakaboos story development will inspire your children to make their own artwork or design their own characters. Or, Muddy Monsters might just become their next favorite story and motivate them to read more!

With this behind-the-scenes look at the development process, we want to give parents and educators the opportunity to see what sets Speakaboos apart and elevates our stories to meaningful interactive digital media that supports literacy skills while keeping kids engaged.

We’ll be checking in regularly here on the Speakaboos blog with Jennie and revealing new development art as well as insights into the story, characters and more. Check out the first early sketches of some of these characters below! In our next post about Muddy Monsters, we’ll provide readers with more insight into Jennie’s storied career as a designer and her inspiration for this new interactive storybook. In the meantime, Jennie will be posting even more images of the story’s development process on her Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram pages. Be sure to follow Jennie and check in regularly for updates on this new Speakaboos story!

Happy Reading,

-The Speakaboos Team