Speakaboos at the ASU GSV Education Summit

Speakaboos is heading to the ASU GSV education summit in sunny San Diego, April 18-20. We’re passionate about motivating students to read more and develop a lifelong love of reading, a foundation for success academically and in life. If you’re attending the conference, we’d love to meet you and introduce our award-winning reading motivation platform. If you can’t make the summit or the Speakaboos sessions, you can learn all about Speakaboos for educators here. Below are all of the events where Speakaboos team members will either be speaking at or presenting.

Monday, April 18

2:00 – 3:00pm EdTech Jam Sessions – Grand Hall C

VC and growth stage K-12 EdTech companies offering core subject (ELA / Math) learning technologies pitch their companies for the leading educators. Noelle Millholt, COO and co-founder, Speakaboos will be presenting.

2:00 – 4:00pm Facilitated Discussion : Closing the Gap with Games and Learning –  Bayview, 32nd Floor

The “Mind the Gap” project aims to support sustainable models for reaching low-income communities through playful digital learning. Hear the latest results from a survey of First Book members and join the debate to help uncover opportunities for developers, distributors and educators. Leaders from the field will share lessons learned as we dive into a discussion to inform the next generation of investments and initiatives. Neal Shenoy, CEO and co-founder, Speakaboos will be part of the discussion.

4:00 – 5:00pm Mind Over Matter: The Rise of the Sciences – Neuro, Cognitive and Others – In Learning and What It Means for the Future of Education – Coronado E

The advent of new technologies allowing scientists to track the functioning of neurons in the brain have sparked new research projects around the world. Groups of cognitive scientists and neuroscientists have begun experimenting with game changing approaches that use fleets of molecule-size machines to measure and store brain activity at the cellular level – this has created a complete “map” of brain activity. Entrepreneurs have quickly taken the implications of brain research to its logical conclusion, using new technologies to cure cognitive disorders and improve learning outcomes. Neal Shenoy, CEO and co-founder, Speakaboos

Tuesday, April 19

3:00 – 4:00pm Growth Company Presentations – Regatta A/B, 4th Floor

Learn all about the Speakaboos company and platform mission! Neal Shenoy, CEO and co-founder, Speakaboos will present an in-depth look at Speakaboos and provide a glimpse of where the growing company is headed.

4:00 – 5:00pm Gaming and Learning Exhibition –  ‘Tomorrowland’ area

Get a hands-on demo of Speakaboos! Explore the digital library, view stories in different reading modes and experience the interactivity built into the stories that supports reading engagement! Yannai Segal, Speakaboos Director of Distribution will be on hand to facilitate the demos and discuss how Speakaboos can be a great fit for your school.