Speakaboos Brings its Dynamic Literacy Classroom Resource to NAESP for Pre-K – 2nd Grade!

Speakaboos is coming to NAESP! We’re thrilled to announce our award-winning, interactive digital Speakaboos library is coming to the NAESP Conference (National Association of Elementary School Principals) July 6 – 8, 2016 in National Harbor, Maryland – and we can’t wait to meet you there!

We invite attendees to join us at booth 408 to experience our platform first hand, grab some free thank-you gifts, and take back free trial access to your faculty and staff at your campus or district!

Why NAESP? Why Now?

As attendees of the conference likely already know, this year’s focus is “best practices for better schools,” and since our platform is firmly rooted in the foundations of best practices for reading, NAESP is an ideal forum for Speakaboos to connect with school leaders and support their literacy objectives for early learners.

The Speakaboos platform is a robust digital library of stories for students in Pre-K through second grade, which promotes student interest in reading, and features a variety of titles from timeless favorites to highly popular original content. Our best practices include anchoring every component in fundamental principles of learning theory, literacy development research, and a student’s point of view. Each story title in our library goes through numerous rounds of formative evaluation and research with actual students in a process developed by our Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Alice Wilder, which was featured in Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point.

Basing our design approach in best practices not only encourages student interest and engagement, but supports classroom instruction, as well. With a comprehensively Lexile-leveled library, teachers can quickly find titles appropriate for all readers, and make use of the platform for whole-group instruction, small groups and intervention, and especially independent reading time. Our three different reading modes provide appropriate scaffolds to all readers of all levels, allowing them to engage any text in the appropriate manner, and boost comprehension with our word highlighting and text-touch features.

Speakaboos is excited to support the best practices of instruction on your campus with our best practices of reading and student engagement!

Exclusive Trial Access for NAESP Attendees

NAESP conference attendees may stop by our booth 408 to obtain specific login credentials customized for your school or district, which provide 60-days of trial access to the Speakaboos platform. This is perfect to provide to your faculty and staff as they plan and prepare for the back-to-school season.

Conference attendees that purchase a subscription for their school or district before September 30, 2016 qualify for discounted pricing for 12-months of access.

For questions, quotes, scheduling presentation, or obtaining more information, please reach out to our Director of School Sales, Jon Mark Howeth at jonmark@speakaboos.com, or visit speakaboos.com/educators.

We look forward to meeting all of the passionate educational leaders at NAESP, and exploring how Speakaboos can support literacy best practices in schools across the country. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@Speakaboos) to keep up with all the exciting news!  Also follow the Speakaboos hashtag #ChooseReading and conference hashtag #NAESP16. See you in Maryland!

-The Speakaboos Team