Christmas Elf Countdown: Day 1

Write a Letter to Santa

Seven days until Christmas — we hope that you and your Super Elf have read Christmas Elf and are ready for the Christmas Elf Countdown!

In “Christmas Elf,” Sam is so excited, the first thing he does is write a letter to Santa Claus. In his letter, he reflects on the different ways he’s been good this year, including his plans to be a super elf to help his parents get ready for Christmas.

Just like Sam, our #ChristmasElfCountdown starts with a letter to Santa. Your own Christmas Elf can write a letter from scratch or decorate one they’ve already written. Here is some of Sam’s paper and his cutouts to get you started. What is your child most excited to tell Santa?

We’d love to see your child’s finished letter! Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #ChristmasElfCountdown.

Stay tuned for our “tree-rific” Day 2 activity, which will be posted here and on social media tomorrow!