Christmas Elf Countdown: Day 3

Light Up the House

Only five days until Christmas! Sam wants to make sure that Santa can see his family’s house from way up high in his sleigh, so he helps his mom put up the lights. They cover the windows, trees, and shrubs in lights and make sure every bulb lights up brightly.

Create your own holiday lit cardboard box house with the Christmas Elf in your home, using simple household items.

IteIlluminated Housems needed:

  • Large cardboard box
  • Screwdriver (or similar tool) for adult use only
  • Christmas lights
  • Art materials (paint, markers, glitter, ribbons, etc.)


  1. Lay a cardboard box on its side and, using a screwdriver (or similar tool), poke holes in the top of the ‘ceiling’.
  2. Cut holes in the side of the box to create windows or a door, or try attaching a smaller box on top to create a chimney — use your imagination and make the house your own!
  3. Push the Christmas lights through the holes to light up the ceiling. Just remember to switch off the lights and unplug them when not in use, before leaving the house, or going to bed.
  4. Use paint, markers, glitter, ribbons, or any other art materials to decorate.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve made together! Share your holiday lit cardboard box house or your own awe-inspiring light displays on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #ChristmasElfCountdown.

Day 4 gifts us another activity to stay in the holiday spirit, so stay tuned here and on social media tomorrow to find out what it is!