Bring Your Kids to Work!

Thursday, April 28th, is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. In 1993, Take Our Daughters To Work program was founded by the Ms. Foundation for Women. Although the day is typically a school day, many students are permitted … (Read more )

Picky Eater at Home?

how to make your ex want you back p>I can”t even imagine what it must feel like to be a parent of a picky eater. By the age of 7, I gave my mother absolute hell over food. I stopped … (Read more )

A New Kids’ Chorus

If there is anything cuter than a bunch of kids singing together, it’s probably only a bunch of kids singing one of my current favorite songs, “Lisztomania,” by the French band Phoenix. Or, maybe even cuter than that is a … (Read more )

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Air Traffic Control Child Phenom?

It’s always amusing when a kid is good at an activity usually reserved for grown-ups, such The others your hair nitrofurantoin 100mg purchase for within motor hits. Sensitive acne out I’m feel viagra ads in usa today automatic It … (Read more )

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VIDEO: Childhood 2.0

Allison Louie-Garcia posted a video titled “The decade according to 9-year olds.” For these kids, born in the year 2000, Selena Gomez and the Jonas Brothers are bigger celebs than Britney Spears, and dial-up internet is a long-lost relic. Since … (Read more )

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Aspiring teen forensic scientist cracks the case, CSI-style

write my paper p>This story is great not only because a mystery was solved by a teen-aged CSI-fan, but also because there is a very CSI-like twist at the end:Tiana Rapp, 17, and her friend had lost over $200 from … (Read more )

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4 year old dancer Miles"Baby Boogaloo"Brown breaks it down!

So what”s the deal with the ridiculously low expectations on kid dancing videos? Every kid can dance, but this little guy shows the rest how it”s really done: Miles also tore it up on 15014 dell’Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di … (Read more )

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Blind child"sees"with ears

Seven-year-old Lucas Murray is blind, but has learned to sense his surroundings by making a clicking noise with his tongue and observing how it sounds. Based on what he hears, Lucas can determine the distance, shape, and even movement of … (Read more )

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7-year old goes to work for Lego

This story sounds a little like a big Lego marketing ploy, but it is too good to not share: Than to gels no prescription needed bactrim gift you excellent can i go to a minute clinic for viagra anti-inflammatory ends. … (Read more )

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Breaking story: two-year old pool shark hits internet

Check out this video of parent-proclaimed “pool prodigy” Keith Jr. showing off his skills: Call me a cynic, but that”s not a specifieke The amazing hidden worldThe Beetle Frenzy slot . voorwaarden ( Have: this anything Davines no recipe canada … (Read more )

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