Speakaboos heads to the Context in Content Conference

how to get my ex back p>Yannai Segal will be attending the Context in Content Conference next week. Yannai was a recipient of the Talent Development Scholarship Program from the Association of Educational Publishers. Here Yannai writes about what he … (Read more )

My Time at America Reads

For the past two months, I worked as an America Reads tutor at PS 142 in the Lower East Side of New York City. While exhausting, my time spent with my class was one of the most rewarding experiences I … (Read more )

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World Read Aloud Day: Celebrating Early Literacy

With today being World Read Aloud Day, it”s as important a day as any to discuss early literacy and reading skills for children. One of the first things a child and parent do together is share a book, or even … (Read more )

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Importance of early reading up for debate

How soon should parents start teaching their children to read? Public schools begin instruction as soon students enter kindergarten. Yet, a recent article in the New York Times revealed than many Manhattan private schools are waiting until first grade to … (Read more )

Childhood bullying may be solved by…babies?

get your ex back p>The federal government has identified bullying as a “national problem” and as of this August, the Department of Education has launched its first ever “anti bullying campaign” (complete with badly drawn animal cartoons, lesson plans, and … (Read more )

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Activity Idea – Grow your own Beanstalk

adobe oem software p>It’s never too early to start talking about biology–here’s a fun gardening activity that anyone can do, green thumb or not.Start by watching the storybook video for the classic fairy tale “Jack and the Beanstalk” at Speakaboos. … (Read more )

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Postponing Kindergarten

Growing up, I was unsure of what made parents postpone kindergarten. I never quite understood why some of my friends were much older than me, why certain kids went to pre-school while others did not, or the complexities behind a … (Read more )

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Teaching Empathy: Modern Anti-Bullying Programs

Everyone is familiar with the Hobbesian idea that human beings are inherently selfish. We think that humans tend to be Machiavellian and constantly strive to better themselves and effectively become the “top dog.” However, modern researchers argue that empathy is … (Read more )

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Philosophy for Third Graders?

The world is a pretty puzzling place. Even after all these years of school and my work with classical philosophy, I still can’t make sense of it. A recent New York Times article titles, “The Examined Life, Age 8” discusses … (Read more )

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Debate Over Foreign Language Education Continues

In today’s global market, it cannot be underestimated how valuable it is to be bilingual. Whether you grow up in a bilingual household or are fortunate enough to have learned a language while in school or abroad, you certainly have … (Read more )

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