Florida parents want child with allergy removed from school

Parents at Edgewater Elementary School are lining up with picket signs this week. While parents,teachers, and politicians around the country have spent the last six months arguing about education spending cuts and failing schools, these Florida parents have gathered to rally against far more important issue — a 6-year-old with a life-threatening peanut allergy.

The child, a first grader

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at Edgewater Elementary, could die if she comes into contact with any trace amounts of peanuts. School officials have devised special precautions to ensure her safety while in the classroom. According to Fox News:

Students must now wash their hands and rinse out their mouths before they can walk into their classroom.Desks must be regularly wiped down with Clorox wipes.All peanut products have been banned.Snacks are no longer allowed in class. Even outside food is no longer permitted for holiday parties.

Many parents feel that these restrictions constitute “special treatment” and take time away from learning in the classroom. Their solution? Throw the girl out of school and make her parents home school her.

But as District Spokeswoman Nancy Universe Entertainment searching to create more purchases in Macau Despite ongoing strong performances from casinos in Macau, one casinos online operator is considering the near future by having an eye towards obtaining more assets hoping developing its non-gambling companies. Wait explained, removing the girl from school would be a violation of the Federal Disabilities Act, “It would be the same thing as putting a handicap ramp for a student that is physically disabled. The only difference with this is that is affects other students.”

Disability Act or not, many parents are still taking time every day to stand outside the elementary school with picket signs. No word as to how students actually feel about these new precautions. One reader on Jezebel.com wrote:

“Kids are supposed to be tactless, they haven”t learned better. That”s what adults are supposed to be teaching them. Their parents seem to be teaching them, “Whine and gripe enough, make other people feel awkward and uncomfortable enough, alienate people who are different, and things will always go your way!”

Are these parents setting a bad example for their children? Or has the “special treatment” for this one student really gone too far?



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