Wait Lists… For NYC Public Schools?

Having grown up in the suburbs, I know nothing about the struggles of parents and families in New York City, aside from what I read in the Times or see in the movies (think Nursery University, except for public schools). Just when New Yorkers thought that getting their kids into private schools, nursery schools included, was a struggle, now they have to face similar problems in putting their kids into nearby public schools. Between the 9/11 babyboom, the current economic downturn, and choices of many to forgo private school, NYC public schools are placing families on waitlists. Many families on the Upper West Side and Upper East Side are experiencing this problem, but it’s not limited to chic neighborhoods.  In Corona, Queens, a predominantly immigrant and middle-class neighborhood, there are close to 120 students on the wait-list. It’s unlike that half these students will be actually put into the classroom, unless rezoning or new schools are put up. What’s the alternative? Home-schooling?Hopefully the Obama education reforms help New Yorkers find a suitable solution and start their educations on time. Or maybe private schools will reduce their rates? One can only hope!See the original article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/24/nyregion/24waiting.html?ref=education

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