Journey to Space Month at Speakaboos!

Some new and exciting things going on over on the Speakaboos website! Throughout Journey to Space month, our website will revolve around space themes, to celebrate the launch of Space Race. In celebration of our newly launched mini-site, Speakaboos has taken on a new page theme and is on its way to space.

So, what exactly is Space Race you ask? Well, Space Race is a webisode series starring Eagle Wingstrong and other new characters like Vulture Albatross. Space Race”s mission is to engage children in learning about the solar system and naturally, space travel and racing. The content team at Speakaboos worked to create educational worksheets, coloring pages, crafts, and trivia cards, to supplement all of webisodes. If your kids love baking, be sure to try out our new recipe for Moon Balls!

In this world, space ships live just like humans: they have homework to do, friends to see, and places to explore. The webisodes featured on the mini-site We develop unique, genre-defining games, written in languages such as Java and HTML5, that can be played on thousands of devices, including those running the latest flavours of Android, iOS and Windows Phone. will teach your children and students new things about the solar system with interesting new characters.

“Space Race is action-packed and humorous with educational components as well,” says Richard Schweiger, CEO and executive producer of Space Race. “Each webisode features an interview with one of our star characters and an education module which will provide more detail about a certain part of our solar system; Eagle Wingstrong teaches about Earth, Vulture Albatross: space stations, Colonel Coot: Mars and so on.”

We hope you enjoy it!!


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